Skills, when you need them

In today’s fast-paced environment, your team needs to be able to access and engage in high-quality training even when you’re not all working from a single location or schedule. Fringe PD’s innovative approach to online training enables your organization’s learners to gain valuable skills in evidence-based communications tools and methods from any device and at their own pace. 

Our learning modules are uniquely designed to re-create the interactive experience of live training — including scenario-based learning, individual exercises, group discussion forums, and curated knowledge checks —  while maximizing flexibility and ease of use. All courses can be administered individually or within customized bundles. The online experience also gives your organization full access to reporting capabilities so that you can monitor and assess learner progress.


  • Make Your Mind Work for You

    As a thought-worker and idea-creator, our brains are our most powerful tool and asset at work. Learn the latest brain science to understand how our mindset impacts work outcomes and how we can leverage the brain to create behavioral change.

  • Making the Most of Feedback

    Feedback is key to improving our performance at work, but helpful feedback can be hard to get and even harder to understand. Learn how mindset and resiliency science can help you seek out and implement feedback in any situation.

  • Proactive Communication

    If you work with others, you need to be able to effectively communicate regardless of the platform or situation. Discover the keys to navigating challenging conversations and learn skills for professional communication, whether face-to-face or digital.

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Every Level, Every Learner

Our on-demand courses are designed to reach all levels of an organization. Building off the same core concepts in all our programs, we target each module to different levels of experience and expertise so that the learning stays relevant and grows with your people. 

What's Included?

Your learners will receive a customized, interactive experience, and because these courses are self-paced, participants can tackle each course (45-60 mins) or lesson (5-15 mins) on their own timeline.

  • Engaging video lessons with trainer commentary

  • Interactive video scenarios and outcome quizzes to test knowledge

  • Learner participation through group discussions within the lessons